Cell Helmet Products Help Protect You Device

Liquid Glass Screen Protection


While tempered glass works great to protect your screen, it's no secret that it's not perfect. Liquid glass provides a unique style of protection by bonding to you device.

Altitude X Cases


Forget carrying that big bulky cell phone case around. The Altitude X Cases look sleek and stylish all while offering making sure your device is covered

Power Devices


Nobody likes a dead battery. Cell Helmet offers a range of power devices such as cables, wireless chargers, and battery packs to keep you running for hours.

Device Mounts


With magnetic mounts, keeping track of your phone is a lot easier.

Tempered Glass Screen Protection


For those that like the feel and look of tempered glass, we've got you covered as well. Cell Helmet offers both clear and privacy glass protectors.

Other Accessories

We carry more than just cases. Other Cell Helmet products made for devices include Aux cords, screen cleaner, and scratch remover..